Four specialized partners offer the entire range of modern precious metals investments from classical numismatics to logistics services and security solutions at different sites from a single source - the LPM GROUP.

These partners consider themselves a center of excellence in all aspects of precious metals investments. The attractivity in these investments has steadily increased in recent years, and so has the need for various storage and warehouse locations. The demand is especially growing in the field of storage facilities outside the banking sector. Therefore, the LPM Group offers the purchase and safe storage in a high-security storage facility outside the banking sector and has chosen one of the safest locations in Europe, Liechtenstein. For this purpose a unique storage building was constructed. Additionally, the LPM Group has expanded their services to Hong Kong, where precious metals can be traded and stored. From these locations, precious metals transports can be performed around the world. Together the LPM Group covers the entire spectrum of modern precious metals investments.


    • Precious metals trading in Swiss Francs, Euro und US Dollar
    • Precious metals purchasing through an online shop and shipment in Liechtenstein and Switzerland 
    • Precious metals wholesale trading with banks, fonds and financial intermediates
    • Future and hedging possibilities for clients
    • Unallocated storage and depot saving


        • Renting of safety deposit boxes, individual single vaults and strong rooms in Liechtenstein with individual insurance possibilities 
        • Custom made insurance packages for valuable items such as diamonds and antiques
        • Professional and GRASP certified art storage


          Individual custody of precious metals in Liechtenstein 


          VAT free storage of white metals and diamonds in the bonded warehouse


          E-Storage - organization and following your own stock values and movements with a personal log-in


          All-risk insurance including fraud exposes the client to the maximum of security


          Optional white labeling for banks, asset managers and intermediates


          Worldwide storage and transport possibilities through strategic partners in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong or Panama.


          • Precious metals trading in HK Dollar, US Dollar, Euro, Swiss Francs
          • Allocated storage of precious metals at the financial location Hong Kong
          • Multiple logistic possibilities
          • Established network with international and local banks

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